Online Streaming Event

The Online Global XR Bootcamp 2020 will be the biggest online Mixed Reality event in the world. The event will consist of a 24 hour live stream of high quality sessions by global speakers carefully planned around the world. 

With 24 sessions, each 40 minutes, we will take you through the day with a lot of content. We are carefully planning each session that everybody around the world can join and watch. 

The Japanese Mixed Reality community is one of the biggest in the world. Therefor we decided to have 6 sessions exclusively in Japanese. All other 18 sessions will be in English. And don’t worry, we are already looking into arranging automatic subtitles in both languages to even allow you to watch more content.

Online streaming technique

We will be using high-end streaming techniques using Microsoft Azure, OBS Streaming software and commenting using You will be joined by a host which will introduce you, support you during the session and handles questions and polls at the end. Each session duration is 40 minutes. There is 10 minutes room for questions. When you are selected as a speaker more information with regards to the streaming will follow.

Sign up as speaker for the online event

Do you think you have great content? Do you want to present to one of the largest XR audience? Let us know and send in your session(s).