Future organizers

Without organizers as you the event wouldn’t be the same. We do not believe in only an online event which consists of multiple sessions streamed to attendees. While the world has changed and online sessions are currently the best way to go, we need you to organize those for your local community.

It is up to you what you want. The event still take two days and you decide if you want to organize only a gathering with the local community or even want to arrange some sessions by local heroes yourself.

We will help you with that. The Online Global XR Bootcamp 2020 will offer you the following;

 1) A tailor-made template in AltSpaceVR which gives you everything you need to organize the meetup. AltSpaceVR can be accessed through virtual reality, desktop or mobile phone. 

2) A special visit of a Microsoft Spatial Advocate in your region. And  who knows… maybe someone even more important will join your meetup 🙂

3) Virtual swag. Think of logos, 3D printing files of the logo and coupons for different materials provided by our sponsors. 

Sign up as an organizer

We love to have you onboard as an organizer. So please sign up and join the Online Global XR Bootcamp 2020.