VR film festivals go 100% virtual & launch a Netflix-like streaming platform for VR


The times of Covid-19 bring challenges in all areas. Festivals and major events in particular suffer from the long-term consequences and have to reorganize digitally accordingly. LucidWeb identified a solution to digitise VR film festivals fully by creating a virtual library that can be made accessible to everyone, directly and instantly via the browser across desktop, mobile and the most popular VR headsets. In this session, LucidWeb Founder and CEO will introduce partnerships such as the Geneva International Film Festival, Electric Africa as well as 360° Film Festival allowing the VR industry to continue pushing boundaries in VR storytelling amidst challenging times. No VR professional or enthusiast is left behind with FOMO, everyone is invited to engage and connect, albeit using the medium that isn’t limited by any social distancing, hand gels, geographical borders nor local lockdowns, Virtual Reality.

Founder and CEO of LucidWeb

Leen Segers