Crisis & Resilience: XR to the rescue!


LucidWeb has been focused on democratising XR content editing and distribution since 2017.
LucidWeb is considered as a thought & technology leader in the WebXR space. Prior to Covid19, the Brussels-based startup was mostly focusing on bringing unique stories in journalism, cinema or travel to larger audiences working with Fortune500 brands like Netapp and broadcasters as ARTE and VRT. Since March ’20 the company has seen a spike in requests for fully web-based products as digital twins and remote training. Founder & CEO Leen Segers will showcase an XR training developed in partnership with the French hospital CHU Nantes.


A Brussels-based software entrepreneur and WebXR expert. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Leen worked for 10 years with several technology startups in Ghent, London, and Brussels. Since 2011, she has been focusing on the democratisation of media across platforms and devices which led her to start LucidWeb in 2016. As immersive computing will revolutionise communication, training and education, democratisation will be key. Leen is the biggest advocate of browser-based experiences to be able to reach immersion at scale. LucidWeb is a consortium partner of an H2020 funded program XR4ALL aiming to forge a competitive, sustainable ecosystem of European technology providers active in XR. Leen is co-founder of Women in Immersive Tech Europe which counts more than 1900 members across Europe

Founder and CEO of LucidWeb

Leen Segers

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