Advances of enabling the Spatial web with the reference Open Spatial Computing Platform


The Open AR Cloud Association are a global non-profit organization with the mission to drive the development of open and interoperable spatial computing technology, data, standards and best practices to connect the real and the digital worlds for the benefit of all and currently working hard designing and building a reference platform to enable what some might call the Spatial Web/Web 3.0.
Like the World Wide Web platform, the so-called Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP) will be based on a set of open standards and protocols that allows everyone, everywhere with any AR-enabled device to connect to services on the platform for localization (GeoPose), a machine-readable description of the physical reality around them Reality Modeling Language (RML), and seamlessly access and summon any experience through a Spatial Discovery Service (SDS). This platform can potentially unleash trillions in new value creation and become a new major engine of growth. In this talk, you will hear all about the current advancement, future plans and how to get involved in this historical undertaking


Alina Kadlubsky Director of Communications & Lead of the User Experience Accessibility and Safety Working Group at Open AR Cloud. She joined the Open AR Cloud Association Family as one of the founding members in 2018. She is a Product Designer, Web XR Dev. a creative, with a passion for immersive Tech, spatial web, and creating a human-centered future of computing. She is Co-Founder of Matrixcore, an initiative that partnered with AWE US for an interactive Virtual Conference experience 2019.

Open AR Cloud | Director of Communication | Lead of the User Experience, Accessibility and Safety Working Group

Alina Kadlubsky