Acting in VR


With the world at a standstill, the perfect storm has happened to entice creators to look at VR in a new way, discovering uses which has accelerate its growth, not only with 360 or 180 VR films but as a location for live theatrical performances that happen virtually in the same room while everyone stays physically distanced. Acting in Virtual Reality is an emerging new skill that Directors and Actors who want to be apart of this exciting new field must become more adept at as this platform for storytelling grows.


I am a VR actress, I have performed in two 180 VR films and I have done live theatrical performances in the VR experience The Under Presents that was selected as a finalist for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media as well as a Shakespearean production from the same studio, Tender Claws, called The Under Presents: Tempest, a theatrical and technological first: a live, part scripted/part improvised, immersive theatrical experience that audiences attend from home, using a virtual reality headset. I was also a principle in Finding Pandora X by Double Eye Studios, Winner of Best Immersive Experience at the 2020 Venice Film Festival.

VR Actress

Deirdre Lyons