Community leaders

It is not possible to sign up anymore since the event is taking place or has finished.

Welcome community leader. As a community leader we need your support to make this the biggest global event around XR. In the previous years we supported local events setup by community leaders with local heroes talking about anything around XR. But due to COVID-19 it is not possible to have local events at the moment.

So we needed to think about how to incorporate that important community part which was created by you as a community leader. And we came up with the following. As a community leader we will give you the following.

  • Two hour slot in the XR Community Live stream

    A maximum of two hour slot in our community live stream next to the online stream. This can be used for your local community with any type of content as long as it is linked to XR and your local community. You can do that time in your own language. And it only requires a browser, webcam and microphone. The stream is live broadcasted on YouTube and in AltSpaceVR. It will be recorded and made available afterwards. We will support you in moderating if required. The only thing we require from you is an agenda and some short explanation about how you are going to fill this in.

  • Virtual stand in the XR Community Zone

    During the event we have a virtual world setup in AltSpaceVR for the XR Community Zone. In that zone it is possible to have a virtual stand with the logo of your community. There you can meet with others and talk about your local community. It would be great if you have one of your team members available at certain times. Access to AltSpaceVR requires a Windows PC, Android phone or 3D headset like Oculus Quest and other similar devices.

  • Access to the community leader virtual room

    We have setup a special slack channel for our community leaders. Through this channel we keep you updated and share where to get virtual gadgets for your community.

  • Support us as moderator

    Be a moderator at our 24 hour live event. This means you will be helping out and guide speakers during the session. Community leaders which want to help out will get a short training and explanation before the event. Keep in mind that this is completely voluntarily but much appreciated!

*If you have signed up in the past as an organizer, we will contact you asking if you still want to participate in this new form.

Join as a community leader and send us an email