We have listened to you! The bootcamp is now two days

One of the many questions we got was if the Global XR Bootcamp could be held on a day other than saturday. There were several locations which would benefit from another day in the week. The second question was regarding what kind of event was allowed or not. So we decided to help you with both.

The Global XR Bootcamp 2020 is going to take place from November 13-14th. This gives you two full days. You will have the Friday and the Saturday. It is completely up to you how you want to fill in one or both days. You decide if you only want to organize an morning, midday, evening or a full blown day. You can use both days, but you can also decide to use only the Friday or the Saturday.

Hopefully this will help you all!

Become an organizer! Signup is open

It took some time. But we finally finished the first part of the new website for the Global XR Bootcamp. The Global XR Bootcamp 2020 is going to take place from Friday November 13th til Saturday November 14th. It is completely up to you as an organizer when you want to hold your event in those two days. You can find the sign up link at the top right of the website or in the menu. You can also find a link here.